The Remedy is Nature.

We offer you five unique classes inspired by natures elements to bring a vital yet calm state of wellness into your life


Which class?


Whether you plan ahead and choose your classes for the week, or just tune in to what you need on the day, use our class descriptions to inform you and jump in - book a class


Create your practice space

It makes a difference when you have a practice space that is organised, clean, and feels good for you...

Set up your yoga mat with plenty of room to move, bring a yoga block and make sure your technology is positioned well - prepare to connect!


Arrive in plenty of time

Using the link you're sent after you book in, arrive in plenty of time to allow for any technology learning curves (especially if you're not used to using Zoom) 


Say hello!

We are a friendly community, so please say hello when you join the class! 

After you've checked in, you can stop your video from being able to be viewed BUT it is helpful for me to see what you're doing on the mat so that I can make sure you're practicing safely. I will mute your end so that any background noise doesn't become an issue, you are welcome to unmute if you need to communicate


Allow nature to create the magic

My elemental inspired classes invite you draw from your own experiences within nature, and use them to create healing. More than ever before we are being called to return to our connection with the earth to help create a healthy environment in which we can all thrive. To do this we need to consider the same elements within nature, are also reflected within us. Tap into your own embodied sense of Air, Water, Earth, Fire and Ether and notice whats in harmony, and what's not...


Tread on the earth lightly

Enjoy your practice, treat this time as 'me time' for you and let it allow you a deeper connection with the planet, and yourself...

Class Descriptions:

Remedy Earth 

Earth classes are floor based, maximising the use of gravity to allow for deeper stretching, held in a relaxed, mindful state. Yin Yoga asana (postures) are held for a longer period to allow for a response from the body’s fascia (connective tissue) that creates more ease and increased range of movement. Modifications are provided for those that may need them


Remedy Air 

Air classes are a dynamic experience. Flowing, invigorating, and detoxing, and powerful – this breath infused class encourages you to challenge yourself – leaving you feeling confident and strong. Suitable for all experience levels, many options are available for those building strength, flexibility or wishing to elevate their practice


Remedy Water

Water classes are a dynamic experience. Inspiring, challenging, and cleansing – this breath infused class invites you to move within your body's capacities, yet to test your perceived limits – leaving you feeling confident, strong and supple. Suitable for all experience levels, many options are available for those wishing to extend their practice


Remedy Elemental

Elemental is a cohesive blend of ALL elements combined in one class! Take your practice to the next level, as you move into the flowing sequences associated with Air, Water and Fire. Dynamic and adventurous asana, that allows you to take your body into natural progressions within the Elemental framework. Bringing the Earth and Ether elements throughout and at the end of practice leaving you feeling calm and powerful. Suitable for an intermediate level of practitioner, many options are available for those wishing to extend their practice


Remedy Fire (yet to be released)

Tabata Flow and Release style class e.g. high intensity interval training mixed with flowing yoga and roll and release techniques


Remedy Ether (yet to be released)

Somatic style movements that incorporate floor and standing mobilising movements blended with dance/qi gong/tai chi) as well as meditation, & breath based practices


Sangha Remedy

Sangha is a community connection class led by

Justine Janssen. This class explores connection through self-enquiry and invites participation or just to listen and observe. Current topics are explored and unpacked using not only wisdom tradition methods but modern day philosophy. Helpful and connecting, these classes end with a meditation

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