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Justine has over 20 years of experience with yoga, understanding movement and somatic experiencing, breathwork, mentoring and coaching, and humbly inviting people to get back into alignment with their divine soul expression and their health

Justine's work often centres around helping others create much needed change. From a young age, others have sought support and guidance from her when they've been at a crossroads. Her canny ability to see people as they are rather than what they project, has helped many to trust her striking skills to assist them in finding their personal calling. Making meaning for ourselves in a future that many feel is uncertain is one of Justine's comforting qualities.

Having worked with children in schools​​, to facilitating conflict resolution with corporates, to owning and running three successful yoga studios, leading retreats and teacher focussed trainings in Australia and overseas, Justine's diverse background makes her a powerful space holder.
Her own healing journey back to her Celtic roots has led her towards different Shamanic traditions connected to Mother Earth's gifts and wisdom.

She is works somatically with yoga asana and myo-fascial release, the science of breathwork, and techniques to heal the nervous system. A former yoga studio owner, PT, trainer of teachers and trauma informed work such as iRest, she is highly intuitive and loves spending time in nature.
Her current studies are in Holisitic Counselling and Psychotherapy with Metavision.

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