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The Remedy


The Remedy - is a uniquely designed class that includes breathwork, somatics, sound and journaling as a way to find a therapeutic connection to self and experience the balance within. 

The physical aspects of our experience are always informing us of our own innate capacity to heal. 

This class is the gateway to garner a deeper knowing using  'check ins' with our body's central channel (CNS - central nervous system) to feel into our bodily sensations arising as communication from within,

asking us to FEEL and inviting us to HEAL.

How does it work?

The class involves SOMATICS in the form of shaking, self regulating hands on soothing, earthing practices, yoga infused sequencing, qigong influenced movement patterns, cardio and body weight work, and myofascial release techniques. These ways of accessing our bodies unearth sensations, which when we become present - deliver communication and provoke 

our 'central channel' to respond, offering us insights into our knowing.

BREATHWORK features in two distinct and purposefully placed intervals, at the commencement and three quarters of the way through the class to assist in the energetic clearing phases of the practice. Different breathwork patterns provoke varying responses from our nervous system, you are encouraged to breathe with depth rather than pace, so your experience is always complimentary to your current capacity.

The state shifting qualities of music are used to engage your mind and senses through SOUND. Enabling and supportive, the music used is chosen specifically to enhance your practice and deliver

inspiring and positive vibrations through the class.

JOURNALING is used at the end of the practice to record any information that you feel is important to remember and has arisen as a result of the work you have done. No experience is needed for you to include journaling as part of what we do. A 'conscious stream style' is encouraged, where no usual rules of grammar or punctuation need apply, simply allowing the pen to flow in pure expression without judgement.

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