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Work with Justine Janssen

Justine comes to you with the following healing offerings:

Group Classes face to face or online: Justine offers series of classes to groups in the Berry NSW region, as well as online.

Check out her classes and events for more!

1:1 Nervous System Reset: Tailored to lend a helping hand if you're exhausted, fatigued or stressed. May include breathwork, grounding bed, crystal therapy, Vagal Nerve Practices, Yoga Nidra and essential oil aromatherapy.

1:1 Deep Wellbeing Session: Curated to restore your health to its optimum state of inner wellbeing. May include yoga, hands on healing, breathwork, myofascial release, grounding bed, sound healing, essential oil aromatherapy.

Counsel/Earth Work: A session that can be an add on to any of the above OR standalone. Offering support to move within or beyond constraints of historic belief patterns that no longer serve through counsel, Process Work and somatic therapy.

Work with Austin Stewart

Austin offers 1:1 and group sessions that help you get in touch with your inner power.

A yoga teacher, long time meditator and Qigong practitioner with a love of sports coaching and mens work, Austin's current inspiration also includes NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). His sessions skilfully prompt you to discover and explore your potential with curiousity.

His interest around his own patterns, beliefs and obstacles have sparked further education in trauma informed enquiry work. Austin engages with clients who are impacted by PTSD and stress to assist them to find new outcomes through his sessions.


Yoga Teacher Mentoring

Teaching yoga is an intimate sharing, historically passed down from teacher to student over a period of time.

In ancient times, mentoring relationships were fostered and maintained, ensuring a deepening into becoming an established teacher.

Join a similar process which can be shaped to suit your needs and bring forward the authentic nature of your teaching with all you have to offer while being mentored and supported along the way.

Mobile Sessions

We come to you, from September 1st!

Our mobile healing space is fully equipped and able to be used to offer appointments from Spring 2023. For some treatments we may use the van in combination with your home space to facilitate the session you desire.

We look forward to assisting you to create an experience that supports you!

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