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Work with Justine Janssen

Seeking purpose, clarity, your personal truth? 


Work with me through 1:1 or group sessions.


Sessions include working with me online as we use breathwork, yoga, somatic movement, awareness and processes designed to support you to step into your alignment.


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Work with Austin Stewart

Austin offers 1:1 and group sessions that help you get in touch with your inner power.

A yoga teacher, long time meditator and Qigong practitioner with a love of sports coaching and mens work, Austin's current inspiration also includes NLP (neuro-linguistic programming). His sessions skilfully prompt you to discover and explore your potential with curiousity.

His interest around his own patterns, beliefs and obstacles have sparked further education in trauma informed enquiry work. Austin engages with clients who are impacted by PTSD and stress to assist them to find new outcomes through his sessions.


Yoga Teacher Mentoring

Are you ready to take your yoga teaching to the next level?

Break free from your perceptions of who you've been as a teacher during our 60 minute session and find your authentic teaching style.


Right from your heart!


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Whether it's a single session of breathwork, meditation, movement OR a full day workshop, this offering brings your people together as individuals who create magic as a team.

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Truth & Alignment Mentor

Discover your power through the connection to your personal truth. 

During 60 minute online sessions, we work together with processes crafted uniquely for you to reveal the strength you already have within.


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