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Finding your happy place

There's nothing like a good dose of unbreathable air, followed by a whole lot of air you are being told not to breathe (except through a face mask) to send you stir crazy and seeking your happy place.

When I tune into my happy place (the south coast) my sense of finding it is often acknowledged through feeling it...everything else just drops away and clock time vanishes, as I slip into a sense of ease as I breathe...YES, breathe...

There's an overwhelming sense of being able to breathe...

I speak to people all day and every day who KNOW where their happy place is. They talk about the ocean and being at the beach, or being nestled away in the mountains living in the trees. I've known people that love the desert, with its delicate dawns, mirage filled middays and cosy, cool nights. Some folk find it in the rainforest, the reef, or the deep sea...and then there are those that are still searching...looking off into the distance like they're waiting for it to arrive.

If you're one of those people who have looked but haven't yet found it, perhaps it's easier than you think. A little closer to home, in the nature that surrounds your house, the hill or green space no more than a 5 minute walk out the backdoor...

The old saying 'you'll know it when you see it' might be better articulated in this case as 'you'll know it when you you FEEL it'

Try this...wherever you are right now...

Pause, feel your feet, place a hand on your belly and...breathe

Maybe you're in your happy place right now...

Big Love


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