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Living the simple life

Just recently, I have appreciated simplicity like no other time in my life - and I can't help but be aware that COVID-19 has had a big role to play. I read on social media somewhere that COVID-19 and the isolation protocols bore a similarity to some universal energy akin to telling us to 'get to our rooms!' like our parents would, when we were in trouble...Enforcing that we'd overstepped the boundary...

I know I've overstepped MY OWN boundary... so, so much - and so, so many times.

I'm an expert in boundary-less-ness.

One of the ways I realise was disrespectful of my boundary was to invest in a way of life that was not sustainable (sound familiar?). For me, I liken it to living in a 'snow globe' (imagine that, always on the inside of something you can't see out of and constantly feeling 'snowed') You may have seen me, teaching the early morning, back again, teaching the last class of the evening - then - turning up on the south side of town - hey presto, here I am on the north side now! Fighting back any doubts or symptoms of body rebellion with a very unhealthy mix of mantra and persuasion 'Its all going to be worth it'...OMMMM

When was it all going to be worth it? I had guessed two years, but that timeline came and went without a whimper. I'd boost myself on a month to month, then week by week basis, by imagining my next day off (somewhere in the distance, say in 7 days time) and when I got there not be able to move I was so exhausted, and staying in bed for a full day. It was when it got to needing to boost myself DAILY with thoughts of a day off, I KNEW I was in a bad way. But I didn't know how to get out of the snow globe - it was all I could SEE.

This is the part of the story where we can all sigh...

Like a fairytale where the main character is obviously playing into the plot but he/she doesn't realise. That was me. I KNEW, but I just couldn't SEE...

Since when did I give up my knowing and substitute it for a very limited ability to see?

Well I think it was probably along time ago. Talked out of my innate knowing and felt sense of what was going on by a society who thought it was safer for me to be guided by logic, and 'common sense' and a good dose of 'keep going, you will finally get there one day, MAYBE'...(why was I convinced this was a sound philosophy?)

Oh, I've been hoping for a good boundary for a long time, and COVID-19 delivered, smashing my snow globe to itty bitty pieces. It then enforced a boundary like no other. The type that shows up like a friends loving arms circling around you when you need them most. After two weeks of resting solidly...I was re-united with my knowing. Simple. It was like an inner reset. Getting in touch with my own inner guidance again was magical.

'You don't need to see the whole path' is a saying I really resonate with. I take quite seriously standing for the simple things, as life threatens to busy-up again. Not grappling with the complexities or trying to do it all, but revelling in a chance to enjoy the good stuff that is always simple. Advocating for simple, protecting simple, holding it up like a torch for others to see if you can catch their attention for a moment in their busy day...

One of my very best friends says it well:

"Allow things to unfold naturally. You are not responsible for the world"

Smash your snow globe and realise that you've known all along what it is for you to live a sustainable, simple life...You don't have to see it, to KNOW it is enough to make the first step towards it...

Big Love,


PS - If you're interested in coming on retreat with me to a south coast destination where we perfect the knowing of 'Living the Simple Life' over 4 days click here and send me an email to register your interest...(numbers will be limited) Its looking like the long weekend in October...

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