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What's your remedy?

Your morning walk? Watching the sunrise? Your first sip of a freshly made coffee?

For me, the remedy is daily connection with nature. The most ordinary day is effected in the most extraordinary way when I step out the door and explore...

It has inspired the teaching of my NEW elemental classes.

Classes that have been uniquely created to ACTIVATE the elemental capacities within us all.


When we relate to the five elements (air, water, earth, fire and ether) through our five senses (smell, sound, sight, taste, and touch) we can discover a whole new way of encountering the qualities of these elements.

For example, air can relate to our own airways and ability to breathe deeply, while water can invoke a sense of calm as we move in less scripted, rigid ways with more ease and flow

Read more about how the elements relate in my class descriptions list

I have found that through the observation of my thoughts, emotions, physical movements, and other everyday occurrences I can open a doorway into another realm of interpretation.

I offer these interpretations through ELEMENT SPECIFIC sequences (every practice has come from my own exploration)!! Linking yoga with pranayama (breath techniques) somatic movement, qi gong/tai chi, EFT (tapping) and meditation practice to create a rich and meaningful journey.

As you ponder all of this, start simply. An easy way we can invite a deeper connection with the elements is to engage the sense of smell. You have heard me talk over the last few weeks about essential oils, but we can also use plants... Below are some ideas to help you dive into your sense of smell and combine specific oils with your practice to take things to the next level...

If you are practicing an Air class use some eucalyptus or tea tree in a diffuser close by (OR a few gum leaves from your garden gently squeezed will naturally release an amazing scent)!

Your experience in a Water class will be enhanced by the more sweet, cloying scents of jasmine, ylang ylang, daphne or myrrh (which is actually a gummy resin harvested from the Commiphora myrrha tree). Earth classes are divine when practiced with the nearby scent of patchouli or vetiver both oozing with deep earthy goodness. My new Elemental class debuted yesterday with the scent of a blended oil - Chakra Balancing - from Perfect Potion...the elements all beautifully expressed through a combination of oils blended together to create the perfect balance. Perhaps you might feel brave enough to combine a few scents together and create your own blend?

My connection with nature, and the planet is so much stronger since I recognised how beneficial it could be to take the elements into a structured practice. Right now with COVID-19 we are all encountering a different way of living, and I don't doubt that you are also thinking about the world in a different way. As you appreciate the things that really matter to you, in this time of realisation through isolation, what will your daily remedy be?

Big love, Justine

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